The man told the police that a Bangladeshi woman was going to explode a bomb at the Bengaluru airport.

Man calls Bengaluru airport and says his ex-wife is a suicide bomber to extract revenge
news Crime Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 10:00

In perhaps one of the most outrageous revenge plans against an ex-wife, Devendra Panchal from Kolkata allegedly made a hoax call to the Bengaluru police and told them that his ex-wife was a suicide bomber.

The New Indian Express reports that the ex-husband made three phone calls to the police, saying that the woman was a suicide bomber and was at the Kempegowda International Airport.

The, police, who were already busy with security arrangements for Eid and BJP National President Amit Shah’s arrival in the city, went into a tizzy on Sunday when they received Devendra Panchal’s phone call.

According to DCP North-East, PS Harsha, Devendra Panchal, a resident of Kolkata, called the police at 2.30am from a mobile phone and informed the police that a Bangladeshi woman suicide bomber had boarded a flight from Kolkata and was on her way to Bengaluru.

Devendra, at the time, had not disclosed his identity and gave the police her name and phone number, while also telling them that she had planned to explode the bomb at 6.30 am in the Bengaluru airport.

The phone call set off alarm bells and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). KIA officials were alerted and security was beefed up at the airport.

Sniffer dogs were also deployed and a team of the Bengaluru Police rushed to the airport and waited for the woman to land. They thoroughly checked the woman who and her 13-year-old son. Upon questioning her, they realised that Devendra had played a mean joke on them.

When the woman was questioned, the police found that the woman had divorced Devendra as he had harassed her.

She told the police that they had separated two years ago and she now worked in Bengaluru. She had recently visited her home town and when Devendra got wind of her visit, he allegedly called her and told her that he would get her into immense trouble by telling the police that she was a suicide bomber, the DCP added.

Little did the woman know that he was actually going to execute the threat. “He had made three calls with the same information within 15 minutes. Initially, he said he was a journalist, the second time he claimed to be a police officer and finally he said he was an informant. He refused to reveal his name to the police officials at the control room. His inconsistency in identifying himself had the police suspect that it may be a hoax but such calls cannot be ignored,” DCP Harsha added.

The police have not yet arrested Devendra and said that he would soon be nabbed and brought to Bengaluru.