Telangana man axed to death in revenge killing in broad daylight

According to Maheshwaram police, the motive behind T Raju’s murder was to avenge the death of K Krishna, brother of one of the two accused, who died last year in a train accident.
Telangana man axed to death in revenge killing in broad daylight
Telangana man axed to death in revenge killing in broad daylight
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In yet another shocking incident of ‘revenge killing’, a 38-year-old man was axed to death on Sunday in Nagaram village in Ranga Reddy district. The incident happened at around 9 am at the village junction. According to Maheshwaram police, the accused, Shankariah and Matsyender, killed the victim T Raju, in front of his father, Narasimha, while they were about to board a bus from the village.

The police also added that the motive behind the murder was to avenge the death of K Krishna, Shankariah’s brother, who died last year in a train accident. However, Krishna’s family never believed the police version of his death and suspected that Raju had killed him.

Raju and Krishna were neighbours, who would go to work in Hyderabad as labourers. Last year, on January 8, the two went together to Shamshabad, in two different places, to find work. While Raju returned home the same night, Krishna did not. Two days later, Krishna’s family filed a police complaint with the Shamshabad police. On January 12, Krishna’s body was found in a decomposed state.

Krishna’s family suspected Raju’s hand in this mysterious death. However, police inquiry revealed that Krishna had fallen from a moving train, 6kms away from Shamshabad. They established their claim based on phone records, which revealed that Raju was not in the proximity where Krishna was found dead. Still unconvinced with the police investigation, Krishna’s family suspected Raju to be the murderer.

Subsequently, Krishna’s agitated family members set Raju’s home on fire the same month and also assaulted Raju’s mother, which caused a deep injury to her skull. Two separate cases were registered by Maheshwaram police in this regard. However, as Krishna’s family persisted with their attacks, Raju’s family shifted from Nagaram to Shadnagar, while his father was staying in Shamshabad.

A few days ago, the financiers had seized Raju’s vehicle for not paying due payment. As Raju didn’t have any money, he, along with his father, left to his native village on Saturday, hoping to borrow some money from the people who know them.

“They went to meet a lawyer in the village to ask money. However, the lawyer declined to offer any money. While they were about to leave the village, Krishna’s brother, Shankariah noticed them at Shivaji statue junction, while he was on his way to work at Shamshabad,” said Maheshwaram Inspector A Arjunaiah.

“Shankaraiah immediately alerted his family members and came with an axe and hacked him to death,” he added.

Police have arrested both the accused in the case.

The murder is eerily similar to the gruesome murder that happened a few days ago in Hyderabad’s Attapur, where 25-year-old J Ramesh, a murder accused, was hacked to death while he was on his way to court for a hearing. He was killed by Kishan Goud and Laxman Goud as revenge for killing Kishan's son Mahesh Goud.

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