Mamata fit to be PM, supports demonetisation in her heart: Baba Ramdev

"There should be no doubt regarding her credibility. Her image is clean," he said.
Mamata fit to be PM, supports demonetisation in her heart: Baba Ramdev
Mamata fit to be PM, supports demonetisation in her heart: Baba Ramdev
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 Heaping praise on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her ‘austere lifestyle’ and ‘political credibility’, yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Saturday said that the Trinamool Congress supremo could one day become Prime Minister.

"There should be no doubt regarding her credibility. Her image is clean. If Modi, a tea-seller's son could become Prime Minister, then Mamata Banerjee could also become Prime Minister," Ramdev told reporters outside Raj Bhavan after paying a courtesy call on Governor KN Tripathi in Kolkata.

Ramdev also said that in her heart, Mamata Banerjee supported demonetisation, although she opposed its implementation.

"I think she is against the procedure (of implementation), but in her heart, I believe she probably agrees that it is a good (move)," Ramdev said.

"I praise her because she lives a life of austerity. She wears hawai chappals and leads a simple life in a cottage," Ramdev said at the INFOCOM seminar.

He said demonetisation has made honest people happy.

"I agree this is creating inconvenience for people, but the country's economy has come back on track. Honest people are happy because the corrupt are being punished.”

Claiming demonetisation has terminated terror funding, Ramdev said he had "sowed the seeds" of demonetisation in 2009.

"From 2009 to 2014, I had taken it forward and asked the government to withdraw the high-value notes because they are media for black money and corruption. Now with demonetisation, funding for terror outfits and Naxalites has also stopped," he said.

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be felicitated for the "historic" move.

Taking a dig at former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said Singh, who had remained silent on issues, has actually been vocal on demonetisation.

"This is the effect of demonetisation," he quipped.

Earlier, West Bengal Governor KN Tripathi had sternly cautioned Banerjee against "defaming" and "letting down" the Indian Army in the wake of her accusation that soldiers extorted money from truck drivers during their deployment at toll plazas.

Tripathi said, "Every person should take care in making allegation against a responsible organisation like the Indian Army. Don't let down the army. Don't defame the army."

Responding to Tripathi's caution, Banerjee accused him of speaking in the "tone of central government" on the issue of army deployment at toll plazas in the state.

Terming the Governor's comments as "unfortunate", Banerjee, also the Trinamool Congress supremo, said Tripathi should have checked the details of recent developments in the state before commenting.

"Before making statements, all details should have been checked. It is very unfortunate," said Banerjee, who spent Thursday night at the state secretariat and stayed put for 36 hours protesting deployment of the army at toll plazas in the state allegedly without informing her government -- an issue that snowballed into a major row causing disruptions in Parliament.

The central government and the army rubbished the allegations, saying too much was being read into a routine exercise.


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