Male nurse in ICU after former CPI(M) MP and cronies assault him for telling MP to wait

“He slapped Prasad saying he is a former MP,”
Male nurse in ICU after former CPI(M) MP and cronies assault him for telling MP to wait
Male nurse in ICU after former CPI(M) MP and cronies assault him for telling MP to wait
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A male nurse of Palakkad district government hospital was admitted to the ICU of the hospital on Thursday, after sustaining serious injuries to his chest and head in a violent attack.

The attack was allegedly carried out by a former CPI (M) member of Lok Sabha and Democratic Youth Federation of India.

The hospital’s Casuality Medical Officer Dr Abubacker told The News Minute that the hospital staff Prasad (27) was attacked by ex-MP NN Krishnadas and some other politicians when he asked them to wait outside the casualty room, as it was crowded inside.

“There was some clash between political groups in Victoria college campus and two students were brought to the hospital. They were in the casualty room and there were 10 other serious patients inside. After some time, Krishnadas and some other politicians rushed inside the small room. We have limited space inside and this nurse asked them to wait outside, which provoked him and then he slapped Prasad, following which all his party workers cruelly assaulted him,” Abubacker said.

“He slapped Prasad saying he is a former MP,” the Medical Officer added.

He says that Prasad who is still in ICU has got severe injuries to his head and chest, causing difficulty in breathing.

Police have charged a case against four party workers including Krishnadas.

The CMO also said that the ex-MP kept watching passively while his party workers were assaulting the nurse.

However, Krishnadas has denied all the allegations against him. He said that he did not slap Prasad. He also put the blame on his party workers for the assault and claimed that he tried to stop the party workers who assaulted Prasad.

“That was just a clash by party workers. That male nurse behaved very badly with us, provoked by that, some of the party workers fought with him and he fell down. Nothing else happened. But that should not have happened. It is the workers’ fault, I was the one who tried to stop them from clashing,” he said.

He added that if he wanted to assault Prasad, he didn’t have to do it by himself because there were many others who could have done that for him.

“Why should I have a rivalry with a male nurse? If I have to assault him, there are many others to do that for me. There may be some political motives behind this by people who dragged my name into it. My friends who are doctors have apologized to me that my name was dragged in to it. You can ask the people of Palakkad about me,” Krishnadas said.

The 26-year old nurse who is still recovering from the assault told TNM that he politely asked people to move out of the casualty room and was first attacked by the former MP. "He pushed me first, then assaulted me. Later, many people joined in. What was my fault?" 

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