She adds that most sex workers preferred Malayalee men as they were ‘clean’ in their monetary transactions

Malayalee men are sex thieves says author and sex worker Nalini Jameela
news Society Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 16:31

Nalini Jameela, widely known for her maiden book ‘The Autobiography of a Sex Worker’ has claimed in an interview with that men in Kerala are double faced when it comes to handling their lust.

The interview came after she put up a post on Facebook about how she needed help to publish a second book as money was a big constraint. Jameela had given her phone number along with the status. She said that right from the next day she received calls offering help, but only in return for getting them ‘beautiful’ girls. “Some people were even fine with getting me. This is the Malayalee,” she said.

Jameela said that men in Kerala cannot be trusted and that they were incapable of restricting themselves when it comes to expressing their sexuality. The social fabric has been moulded in such a way that women always find secretive ways to express their sexuality, but men end up with absolutely no option turning them into sex maniacs, she said.

There are legal sex centres across the world and even in India, but Kerala lacks one. If this was in place, sexual atrocities would not have happened or would have at least reduced, she said. She took the example of the Kolkata’s red light area ‘Sonagachi’ and explained how its existence had made life safer for the rest of the women in the city.

She described Malayalees as ‘sex thieves’.

“Private hook-ups are what Malayalees look for as their social image means a lot to them. The geography of Kerala is the boon for these Malayalees. The people from Kozhikode have easy access to Mysore and hence to satiate their sexual needs, they mostly head there. For the people of Palakkad, there is Palani. For the Kannur folks, Mangalore is the hub. Almost all the ‘sex thieves’ end up in or at least visit Mangalore. The men from Kottayam favour Madurai. Men from Trivandrum seek solace at Kanyakumari. This is the dirty game played by the Malayalees so that they are respected back home,” she said.

She however added that most sex workers from across the nation preferred Malayalee men as they were always ‘clean’ in their monetary transactions and never intend harm them.

In the interview she also talked about how the social landscape has been conditioned to look at women sex workers as the malefactor, while the men involved are let off easily. She alleged that even when it comes to politicians and other prominent people it’s always the woman who is under scrutiny in the case of a sex scandal and the politicians are always more or less let off. She mentioned the example of Saritha Nair and her questionable relationships with politicians including the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and how the public sees her as the wrongdoer and not the politicians. The woman might be right or wrong, but why is it that it’s only her who is being scrutinized and looked down on, she questioned.

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