Faced with abusive and offensive messages, Amala Rose Kurian took to Facebook to clear the air.

Malayalam actor gets abusive messages after actor with same name arrested for sex workAmala Rose Kurian/ Facebook
news Social Media Tuesday, November 08, 2016 - 10:01

A television serial actor from Kerala found herself in a strange predicament. She was at the receiving end of abusive messages online, after the news of an actress by the same name was arrested for sex work recently. 

Amala Rose Kurian, who has acted in a number of Malayalam television soaps including 'Paadasaram' and 'Sthreedhanam' took to Facebook on Monday to narrate her ordeal, after a woman, reported to be an actress was arrested by Thodupuzha police in the last week of October.

According to regional media reports, the police arrested five people allegedly belonging to a sex racket, including a 34-year-old actress by the name Amala. 

Tormented by abuse and messages asking for sexual favours, Amala Rose Kurian said through her Facebook post on Monday that she was not the actress who was arrested. 

"I want to clarify that I am not the actor Amala who was arrested for immoral trafficking. I have been receiving messages and phone calls asking to confirm whether I am the actress who was arrested. I haven't slept in a week," she wrote. 

Amala added that while most of the messages she received were of abusive nature, many messages were also suggestive in nature. 

"I am fed up of getting messages enquiring my 'rate'. Please don't do such things without verifying facts. To people who have been sending me vulgar messages, will you do the same if this happened to your sister?" Amala wrote in two separate posts. 

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