The actor’s bewilderment knew no bounds and she took to Facebook on Friday to share her experience.

Malayalam actor Anusree huffs and puffs about food prices at airport meme makers make a meal out of it
news Internet memes Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 17:15

When Malayalam actor Anusree ordered black tea, a coffee and two puffs from a restaurant at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, little did she know that she would have to shell out a whopping Rs 680 for it.

The actor’s bewilderment knew no bounds and she took to Facebook on Friday to share her experience adding, “I am posting this with the hope that authorities must take necessary measures for the good of the people.”

While many users posted solidarity comments on the status update with photographs of bills from the same restaurant, the meme makers of Kerala had a new task at hand: to milk the…eh…puff.

Anusree shot to fame with her 2012 debut film Diamond Necklace, in which she played the annoyingly innocent wife to a Dubai-based Malayali man.

Meme 1: This is the climax scene of Diamond Necklace, where Arun (Fahadh Faasil) asks Rajasree (Anusree) whether she loves her diamond necklace more than she loves him. The movie ends with Rajasree throwing the necklace to the sea. But here…

Fahadh: “You threw away the necklace didn’t you? Do you know how much it was worth?”

Anusree: “At the most, it will cost as much as three burgers at Thiruvananthapuram airport.”

Meme 2: In the 2016 film ‘Maheshinte Prathikaram’ (Mahesh’s revenge), Anusree plays Mahesh’s girlfriend who ditches him for a rich husband. 

Rs 250 for a puff, Rs 80 for black coffee, Rs 100 for a coffee. When Anusree sees the bill.

Filomina (A grandma who reads this news): “You are the one who cheated that poor fellow Mahesh, isn’t it? You deserve this, good for you!”

Meme 3: A scene from the movie Premam. You can't blame him for this genuine question!

Customer: “Do you have ducks that lay golden eggs here?”

Waitress: “No, Sir. Why do you ask?”

Customer: “I heard that you make egg puffs with those golden eggs. That’s why.”

Meme 4:

Nivin Pauly (Airport manager): “What the hell is this?”

*Anusree faints after seeing the bill*

Police (Puff shop owner): “I only gave her a bill, Sir.”

Who can forget Saroj Kumar from Udayanaanu Tharam, the nobody-turned-superstar of film industry? A different level of rags to riches story, this was. In this scene, Sreenivasan (Saroj Kumar) complains that people always feel actors  demand high remuneration. “But do these idiots know how costly Italian marble is?” he goes on to say in the film.

Meme 5: “People complain that we actors demand high remuneration. But do they know the prices of puff and coffee at the airport?”

Meme 6: This customer is wary that he will have to pawn his property documents to buy a chicken puff.

Waiter: “Sir, what will you have?”

Customer: “One chicken puff.”

Waiter: “How will you pay, cash or card?”

Customer: “Will you take my property papers?”

Meme 7: Expressions speak louder than words.

That moment when the hen realizes that its egg is used to make egg puff at the airport.

Meme 8: A boss who is puzzled at her employee’s air travel bill.

Mamata: “How can Trivandrum to Chennai flight cost Rs 50,000?”

Dileep: “Flight rate was Rs 8000. Rest 42,000 was spent on snacks at the airport.”


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