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The News Minute | March 3, 2015 | 07.20 pm IST Nearly 19 years after it was passed in the Maharashtra Assembly , a bill prohibiting cow slaughter has received the President’s nod thus rendering Maharashtra beefless. While red meat lovers will have to make do with other substitutes, the bill itself is quite interesting since it allows for the slaughter of water buffaloes. As social media speculates over the necessity of a ban, here are some interesting food bans from across the world.  1. Samosas for looking too Christian In 2011, extremist fighters in Somalia declared a ban again the sale of samosas. According to reports, the reason behind the ban was due its ‘supposed resemblance to the Christian trinity’. 2. The Ketchup ban Everybody loves ketchup. Ketchup on burgers to ketchup on bread - there is no end to what one could whip up with the sauce. However, when France banned tomato ketchup from primary schools , it came as a surprise. Introduced as a reason to promote healthy eating, it prevented serving all foods with ketchup - except quite obviously the french fries, said Latimes. According to Telegraph, the man behind the ban Christophe Hebert’ had made his first move against invasive eating habits. Quite reminiscent of something happening in India now. 3. Raw milk banned in Australia The sale of raw milk is allowed only for the purpose of cosmetic or as ‘bath milk. In case of drinking it, it has been labelled as ‘not fit for human consumption’, says the Daily Telegraph. In the United States itself , raw milk is illegal in 18 states. 4. The secret behind Singapore’s cleanliness ! A picture of the Berlin wall covered with gum Ok we are kidding, but really, chewing gums are the bane of existence for those who stick their fingers in places they shouldn't - like under the seat in classrooms or in subways. Since 2004 no chewing of gum except for thereaptic usage is allowed and the ban for spitting gum in public - $500(surely not worth spitting over). 5. There will be NO blood. In Louisiana, US, the ritualistic consumption of blood, be it animal or human, is illegal.  Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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