The police are investigating the matter and say that the blasts are similar to 4 others which have happened in the past year

Low-intensity blasts in Madurai bus-stand sparks fear no one hurtRepresentational Image, by Nileshantony92 via Wikimedia Commons
news Crime Thursday, October 01, 2015 - 09:14

Two low-intensity blasts were reported in two state-run buses parked near the Arapalayam bus stand late on Wednesday night. While no one was injured in the incident as there were no passengers in the bus, the police have taken the matter seriously to investigate the incident.

Commissioner of Police (Madurai city) Shailesh Kumar Yadav said that timer devices were used to trigger the blasts, according to The Hindu.

According to media reports, the state buses were parked on the Southern bank road and were bound for Salem and Hosur. The drivers and conductors were sleeping atop the roof of the buses while having parked the buses on the dead-end of a road.

The Hindu reports that the first blast was reported around 9pm. The blast took place under a seat next to the rear exit of a bus but there was not much damage to the bus.

As the crew members got down to check if there was a flat tyre, the second blast occurred under the seat next to the front entrance of the bus. The tin sheets on the sides and in front of the seat were ripped apart, say reports.

The police collected a few pieces of wires, parts of a blue plastic container, some remnants of explosives and parts of timer devices, according to TOI.

Police said that the blasts were similar to four explosions reported in the city in the last few years, say reports.