The music video “Hey Bro” by Tatva band was released on the collector’s birthday.

With love to Kozhikodes collector bro Prasanth Nair a musical tribute
news Song Monday, October 31, 2016 - 17:23

In his service as the Kozhikode District Collector for the past two years, Prasanth Nair has gained the reputation of being an efficient bureaucrat and has become a household name in the district. 

The social welfare initiatives under his flagship project, Compassionate Kozhikode, have earned the district a good name and the collector, the love of the people across the state. So much so that he is fondly referred to as "collector bro".

Now, a Kozhikode-based band, Tatva, has released a music video titled “Hey Bro”, as a tribute to the officer on his birthday.

The five-minute video released on YouTube on Sunday has over two thousand views so far. The song features a young boy wearing the mask of the collector with his trademark dark glasses and singing in praise of the latter's dedication and hard work.

In the song, the collector is the protector of the good and the custodian of truth. He is the one who paints a beautiful picture of society. 

Interspersed with shots of the many initiatives of the collector from across Kozhikode, there are visuals of the collector himself reminding his people to be compassionate to their fellow beings. The song ends with a promise to remember the collector forever: "The walls you painted bright and the minds you charmed....we can't forget you bro." 

 "Hey Bro...collector bro" is a perfect tribute to the bureaucrat that was long due!

Watch the video here (and sing along):

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