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The News Minute | December 24, 2014 | 2.37 pm IST The use of stereotypes in advertising finally seems to be going out of style. Thankfully! Gone are the days when the advertising industry sold people the idea that women belong in the kitchen. Remember the sounds of humming as a woman’s hand is seen handling a pan? You could almost smell the aroma as the narrator said: “Jo biwi se kare pyaar, wo Prestige se kaise kare inkaar?”  The new trick seems to be selling products using feminism. So the women swooning over men, or just generally jumping around in joy seem to have been chucked out of the script and instead the bold new avatar is in. Some time ago came the new Nirma ad, which was also accompanied by jokes of all the women in the ad also being politicians (Hema, Rekha, Sushma, Jaya). From showing women play with white soap suds, Nirma has gone on to show the four women characters help push an ambulance out of the slush, without being burdened by the idea of getting the stains out.  Watch the old ad here:   And here's the new one:  This change has consistently made its presence felt, in a number of ads. Many jewellery and accessory brands that cater specifically to women, are making advertisements that no longer portray women in the kitchen or hanging around waiting for their husbands and children. Of course, those ads still exist, but the new ones are like a breath of fresh air.  These commercials, very try to make us forget the product, instead focus on the empowered women in the advertisement. They then subtly imply that the empowered woman uses such-and-such product and so should you if you want to be like her. Well, it's a commercial trick, but better than the advertisements we had to endure with for years! Titan Raaga A working woman, sitting at the airport and runs into her former partner. In all of two lines, the ad shows a confident woman with no regrets over the choices she made in apparently giving him up for her work. her quiet self-assurance, leaves him uncomfortable. Tanishq jewellery Another advertisement, this time by Tanishq made headlines last year as it showed a couple getting married with the woman’s daughter asking to participate. Obviously, the daughter was from a previous marriage, and all was good. PC Jewellers PC Jewellers made an ad that showed the woman being the so-called ‘man of the house’ and owning it. Ok, so it only breaks half a stereotype, but that’s also fine. Tweet
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