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The News Minute| December 19, 2014| 5.45 pm IST The enfant terrible imported from Italian football has been rapped on the knuckles again. The English Football Association (FA) has fined the Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli $40,000 and a game. The ban and fine come on the back of an Instagram post by the Italian striker with the caption “jumps like a black man and grabs coins like a jew”, according to a report on BBC . Criticized for the racist nature of the comment, the FA have come out and disciplined him. The striker, who has played for both Milan clubs and Manchester City in a past title winning team, has been in the media glare due to a series of bizarre and sometimes inexplicable incidents on and off the pitch. From throwing darts at his former Manchester City teammates to setting off fireworks in his apartment, the striker has also been the object of ridicule of social media in the past, after a video showed him struggling to put on a bib.  This time though, his actions may cost his current club Liverpool, who are short on strikers and are enduring a tough season after the departure of Luis Suarez to Barcelona. Tweet