"Smelly Cat" just one more time

Lisa Kudrow Taylor Swift and Smelly Cat - What more could fans of FRIENDS ask forScreenshot from 'Shine on Media' video
Features Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 22:31

For fans of the sitcom FRIENDS , “Smelly Cat” was not just any song. 

And for fans of a TV show that still remains a top favourite over a decade after it got completed, listening to "Friends" star, Lisa Kudrow singing the song live one more time was more than what most people attending this particular show might have expected. On her “1989” tour, Taylor Swift at the Los Angeles Staples Cenre, took her audience by surprise by introducing on to the stage a woman who has only ever sung in “coffee houses before”. 

Watch the video, and see how Swift and Kudrow hit it off, even re-enacting an episode from the show itself.


Catch how the song originally sounded on the show:


and ...


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