'Life Jothe Ondu Selfie' review: A pleasant, realistic take on life and relationships

All three lead actors have performed well.
'Life Jothe Ondu Selfie' review: A pleasant, realistic take on life and relationships
'Life Jothe Ondu Selfie' review: A pleasant, realistic take on life and relationships
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‘But first, let me take a selfie’! and ‘Can’t face a problem? Let’s get to Goa!’ have been the mantras of this generation. While every emotion is simply captured with a selfie, Goa has forever been the go-to magical land, which has a solution for everything. What happens when three youngsters decide to take a selfie with life itself i.e., metaphorically, face life in Goa, is Life Jothe Ondu Selfie.

The film revolves around lead actors Prem, Prajwal Devaraj, Hariprriya and Sudharani. Rashmi (Hariprriya) is engaged to her childhood friend Dhananjay (cameo alert). Post engagement, she starts feeling that Dhananjay chooses his mother over her all the time. Upset over this, she breaks up with him and heads to Goa. Nakul (Prem) is a techie whose passion is filmmaking. But owing to pressure from his family, he takes up engineering. Deep down, he is unhappy and wants to pursue his dream. Following an altercation with his family, he heads to Goa for a break. Varun (Prajwal Devaraj) comes from an extremely wealthy family and loves his mother (Sudharani). But in a twist in the tale, she is mistaken as a cook and on the day of Varun’s engagement, she is humiliated by his fiancée. Upset over this, Varun heads to Goa.

The trio meets on the beach accidentally, take a selfie, and decide to travel together. They get lost on an island, and because they are strangers, they decide to open up. As they start talking, they realise how similar their problems are. The director has tried to convey that Goa is not just for partying and hook-ups, but to find friendships and rediscover the self - it reiterates the message that not all who wander are lost.

The film is shot very realistically. There are no over-the-board love scenes or unwanted action scenes. It is about four people with different visions, coming together only to understand themselves better. The movie also emphasises the bond that people share with their mothers, as best friends who encourage you in your journey.

In the acting department, all four lead actors have done extremely well. The characters mirror the issues that youngsters face these days. Prajwal and Sudharani especially stand out for their compelling performances. Dhananjaya’s cameo role, which was kept under wraps, is surprising. He plays the mama’s boy with ease. Sadhu Kokila’s comedy is monotonous and unwanted.

The film looks inspired by Dil Chahta Hai, Dostana and Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara and also gives the audience some major travel goals. Goa’s picturesque locations have been shot beautifully. The bird’s eye view shots can actually make you feel the location. Director Dinakar Toogudeepa has proved his versatility for over years, never having stuck to a particular genre. He has directed a love story, a thriller, and an action film. Life Jothe takes him to a new genre. He has done absolute justice to the characters and the storyline penned by his wife Manasa.

The songs are a mixed bag and sync with the storyline, but the music could have been better. Most importantly, the film doesn’t bore the audience and keeps up the pace throughout. If you have some time in hand and want a different perspective of Goa, then Life Jothe… is can be your go-to destination.

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