This round of funding will help LetzConnect with its various scaling efforts and in building a sophisticated AI block within the ecosystem.

Atom Fund Raising Friday, June 07, 2019 - 16:39

Educational networking portal LetzConnect that offers 'knowledge connectivity' to students has raised an undisclosed amount in Pre-Series A fund raise from SucSEED Venture Partners, Obopay Mobile technologies and Japanese Investor Syndicate.

LetzConnect has developed a platform that enables users to communicate, showcase, learn and share within the ecosystem.

‘Our aim is to provide academic support to students and help them improve their chance of employment by making them more employable. The first step for us is to get the student with us, which we do by providing them reading material and connecting them with a network. Once that happens, our AI enabled platform tries to understand a student’s choice, likes and dislikes and needs, to provide him/her contents and courses accordingly,” Praveen Ganesh, Founder of Letz Connect Technologies said in a statement.

LetzConnect is an educational networking portal that offers 'knowledge connectivity' to students and faculty. It helps students enhance their knowledge base and interact with their faculties and fellow students. In addition, the inbuilt AI (Artificial intelligence) helps the students to realize their core potential, explore real-world opportunities and enrich their career as a whole.

Vikrant Varshney, Cofounder and Managing Partner of SucSEED, said “With LetzConnect investment SucSEED now has a full range of investments in Education Sector starting from KinderGarten to K-12 to College. This gives us unique opportunity to help foster collaborations between the start-ups like OckyPocky, XploraBox, SRJNA and LetzConnect to create a unique value proposition for the Edtech Sector"

As part of the AICTE rollout, LetzConnect is presently being integrated across all technical institutions in the country.

This round of funding will help in the startup’s various scaling efforts and in building a sophisticated AI block within the ecosystem

Speaking on why SucSEED has invested in LetzConnect, Ajay Kalhan, an Active Investor, with SucSEED, said “Besides connecting students, faculty and providers with the content relevant to students, LetzConnect with their AI based platform allow organizations to connect, train and hire students as part of their social responsibility program. This in turn provides employment and future to the students in much need of help and that to SucSEED is the biggest game changer for any platform”.