In a Facebook post, KSU proclaimed their solidarity by recalling an incident that took place during a football tournament involving Abhimanyu.

Let us unite for Abhimanyu Rivals KSU come out in solidarity with SFIFacebook/Ksu Maharajas
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The Kerala Students Union (KSU) of the Maharaja’s College in Ernakulam has come out in solidarity with 20-year-old Students Federation of India (SFI) leader Abhimanyu, who was allegedly murdered by members of the Campus Front of India on Sunday.

In a Facebook post, the KSU wing of Maharaja’s College on Wednesday proclaimed their solidarity by remembering an incident that took place during a football tournament that was organised in the college by KSU.

“We had invited all the existing student unions in the college to participate in the tournament and on the day of the tournament, the first one to reach the venue was the SFI leader, Abhimanyu,” the post by KSU says.

“We have Thamjeed in our team… We are going definitely going to win the cup!” Abhimanyu told the KSU members.

KSU described this moment as one that brought them a lot of happiness as this was the first time an SFI leader had participated in an event organised by the KSU. They also mentioned the fact that Abhimanyu’s team came second in that tournament.

“We still cannot forget his smiles and laughter from that day,” the post says.

It must be mentioned here that KSU and SFI, two of the most prominent student unions in Kerala, are arch rivals. In almost every campus, it is always a direct battle between these two student unions.

KSU’s post further said that one of the reasons why SFI keeps ruling Maharaja’s is that in the last one and a half years, not even a small fight had occurred inside the campus and it was because of the presence of people like Abhimanyu.

“We will tear down the organisations that are trying to create a communal divide inside the campus,” KSU proclaimed, also adding that “we should practise the politics of love and friendship in the campus.”

“Let us all unite for Abhimanyu and his dreams,” KSU said in their post.

Members of KSU of Maharaja’s College had earlier shown their solidarity by putting up a photo of Abhimanyu as their Facebook display picture.

Abhimanyu, a 20-year-old BSc Chemistry student, was killed when SFI students and Campus Front of India (Student wing of PFI) workers allegedly clashed inside the campus last Sunday.

According to reports, the incident was triggered by an argument over sticking posters within the campus by the two groups. Abhimanyu was painting the walls of the campus to welcome the new batch of students whose classes were to begin on Monday.

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