Let Me Explain: Muslim women put up for ‘sale’ on app

Why are Indian Muslim women being harassed online? What happened to previous complaints of such targeted harassment? Watch this episode of Let Me Explain.
The hands of a man as he holds onto his smartphone
The hands of a man as he holds onto his smartphone
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More than a hundred Muslim women in India woke up New Year’s Day to find they were put up for ‘auction’ on an app called Bulli Bai. Their photographs were uploaded without their permission on the app.  Those targeted include journalists, activists, politicians among others. But the Bulli Bai case was hardly the first time that women from the Muslim community in particular have been harassed and targetted online in such a hateful way. In July last year, around 80 Muslim women found that their photographs had been listed ‘for sale’ on the Sulli Deals app. FIRs were registered in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh last year. But six months on and there has been no progress in the case. 

In this episode of Let Me Explain, Anna Isaac looks at what happened in the Sulli Deals case, why there has been no action taken by authorities and what is the real intention behind targeting these women. 


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