MindMaze is working on a technology where it uses VR and AR to capture and project facial expressions.

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in neuro VR startup MindMaze
Atom Startups Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 15:54
Written by  S. Mahadevan

MindMaze is a Switzerland based startup uses technology to study and anticipate facial expressions. Their work can find applications in diverse fields, like the medical field and entertainment industry. This startup has managed to get a fresh round of funding from Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Though the value of the investment he has made has not been disclosed, it is understood that he joins the company as a Director on its Board. The startup hasn’t closed this round of funding either. The total amount of funding raised by MindMaze is now at $108 million.  

The focus of being done by this startup is to study new methods in mapping the brain’s activity and use the findings to apply it in certain medical situations like rehabilitation of patients who have suffered strokes. The latest field MindMaze is trying to apply its technology is in the entertainment space, where, with the use of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR), facial expressions can be captured and projected.

The startup has already introduced a product called “mask” which can be put to use in this area. The wearer of the “mask” is able to read the signals from the brain even before it reaches the face, using special sensors developed by MindMaze and a VR headset is also needed to complete the setup for this arrangement.

The company claims it is already is talks with some Hollywood studios and other prospective users of their technology and are hopeful of being successful with their venture. They are also working on developing the technology into a chip-level one so that it finds applications in even mobile/handheld devices platforms.

It is significant to note that the initial funding received by MindMaze included investments by the Hinduja Group of India as well.