The suit accuses Apple of lying about the screen sizes by counting non-screen areas like the notch and corners.

Lawsuit filed against Apple alleging it lied about display specs in iPhone X series
Atom Tech Shorts Monday, December 17, 2018 - 13:14

A class action lawsuit has been filed by two people in a US District Court in Northern California accusing Apple of lying about the screen sizes and of the pixel counts of the smartphones in the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. This comes close on the heels of chipmaker Qualcomm asking courts in China to stop the sale Apple’s iPhones.

One of the points raised on the screen size mentions that while Apple says the screen size of its iPhone X is 5.8 inches, the plaintiffs found it was exactly 5.6875 inches. They felt Apple was including the edges and the notch in the screen size measurement. There are similar accusations on the screen resolution in terms of the pixel counts. Against the claimed 2436x1125 pixels, they say it is far less. The complaint states that the iPhone doesn’t contain ‘true pixels with red, green and blue subpixels in each pixel’, as per a CNET report. 

The plaintiffs claim that according to them, the iPhone 8 had a better-quality screen than the iPhone X.

You may recall how Apple was sued earlier in the US as well, where class action suits accused the company of slowing down the older models of iPhones due to an update of its software. There were as many as 59 different cases at that time. One more lawsuit recently asked the court to make Apple $5million over a defect in its Apple Watch. The screen of the watch was alleged to be cracking and detaching from the body of the device.

Apple’s products are priced very high in comparison to the competition. The expectation from the customers who spend so much to buy their products is also quite high and even a minor defect is not acceptable to the customer. One has to wait to know what the Californian court does with the latest lawsuit. Apple is yet to respond to the development.

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