They have launched a set of rules, especially for superbike riders and the outlets selling superbikes.

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news Road Safety Wednesday, December 07, 2016 - 09:56

After a number of mishaps due to the rash driving of superbike drivers in Kochi city, police and the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) have decided to rein them in.

They have launched a set of rules, especially for superbike riders and the outlets selling superbikes.

Ernakulam district collector announced on Tuesday that a three-pronged plan comprising induction training programmes, training for existing riders and a superbike protocol have been mooted.

According to the plan, all distributors who sell over 500cc bikes will have to provide the list of customers who bought them to MVD.

By December 10, a detailed plan will be available in the departments and all the existing riders will be called for a one-day training. As per reports, customers will be made aware about the potential dangers of rash driving during the training.

“The idea is that the rider should have a cool head and greater control over the vehicle to ride it safely. For this, training should be given to them by outlets when the machines are sold,” the Collector said, The Hindu reports.

As per the new rules, the guidance programme on the ills of rash and negligent driving has been made compulsory for all new and existing riders of superbikes in the city.

Apart from that, clear instructions will be given to the bike dealers to make sure that only potential customers are allowed to take a test drive. Dealers must check the background and buying capacity of those who seek a test drive.

Moreover, MVD will mention the places that are allowed for conducting a test drive and riders will not be allowed to use bypass and busy highways for it.

These rules will be implemented from January.

“Four to five months from then, we will conduct a study to understand the state of things. If things have not improved, we will take further action. Riders should know their actions on the roads are being watched. This is being done in order to proactively create a sense of road responsibility,” said Safirulla, The Times of India quotes.


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