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The News Minute | November 9, 2014 | 09:20 am IST  Almost a week after the Kiss of Love campaign began in Kerala, the movement has spread to other parts of the country as well including Delhi, Kolkata and Telangana.  A protest against moral policing, the Kiss of Love event was marked with counter-protests from its very inception- some claimed kissing in public was against Indian culture, while others maintained it is a private gesture and that there is no need to flaunt it in public, but mostly the former.  Read: Kolkata embraces 'Kiss of Love', says no to moral policing However, paying no heed to such views, the event has been conducted across states, with many claiming that moral policing is not a region or religion specific issue and is rampant across the country. This does not seem to have gone down well with many for whom public display of affection is still a strict no.  Read: 'It was not kissing fest, why a case of obscenity?' asks Arundhathi, student of Hyderabad University The protests now have taken a different route with several booing the entire Kiss of Love campaign on social media. The #KissOfLove is now countered by #SickOfLove; the latter trending on Twitter. The medium of expression maybe different here, but the general view among those who disagree with the Kiss of Love campaign seems to be the same.  Kissing in public is 'not Indian culture', it is a 'western' one, say those 'Sick of Love', even going to the extent of asking what protests could we expect next after a very public 'kissing' campaign.  Read: Pictures that define the 'Kiss of Love' This is what some of those #SickOfLove had to say.  some youth r doing nothing 2 preserve our culture n b 1st rate version, rather they want to b 2nd rate version of the west. #SickOfLove — Nitu B #SaffronGirl (@bhardwajneet) November 9, 2014 Wait for a day when these ppl would do F...ofLove under the name of freedom #Sickoflove — patriotbharati (@patriotbharati) November 9, 2014 Multiple Kiss Partners Multiple BED Partners Later CandleMarch Against AIDS Prevention #SickOfLove via @rishibagree pic.twitter.com/pMQCXnU2G6 — MahaveerM (@MahaveerM_) November 9, 2014 Engaging in Base 1 in public now, later base 2,3 n 4 will follow along ?? #SickOfLove @RaulGunda @skchessplayer pic.twitter.com/Z78XUBcJw1 — Nitu B #SaffronGirl (@bhardwajneet) November 9, 2014 #Sickoflove , Its started by some Mad people in kerala and Now its spreading all over India , Come on guys.This is Just making us hate love — Sarath (@SarAthSivaJr) November 9, 2014 #SickOfLove filth on streets has to be cleaned by picking up broom ourselves.What about filth in mind of these jobless idle public kissers. — yogesh tomar (@yogy49) November 9, 2014 Nobody is against kiss. Nobody is against #love. This isn't a way to "celebrate", it's a mere show-off. #SickOfLove — RSS Nagpur (@RSSdotOrg) November 9, 2014 India is not US or any other Western country. There are some principles that are different. #KissOfLove" #sickoflove — Bhai (@IndianMediaFart) November 9, 2014 Earlier this week, FIRs were reportedly registered against organisers of the Kiss of Love event in the university of Hyderabad under charges of 'obscenity', because they allegedly kissed in public. Also watch this hilarious take on the Kiss of Love event in Kerala by an eye witness
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