"You’ve got to give it to Kim at this point: She knows how to keep herself in the news"

Kims topless selfie with Emily Ratajkowski sets internet on fire but why does she do itImage: Twitter/Kim Kardashian West
Features Culture Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 08:57

Kim Kardashian is at it again. after 'breaking the internet' last year, the 35-year-old celebrity tweeted a topless selfie with model Emily Ratajkowski in a bathroom.

"When we're like...we both have nothing to wear LOL," Kardashian tweeted with the photo.

This was the second nude selfie by Kardashian this month and evoked responses that could generally be classified into two categories. The ones for Kim and the ones against.

Irrespective of the side you were on, as The Daily Beast reported:

You’ve got to give it to Kim at this point: she knows how to keep herself in the news, and use biggest asset—her sexuality—to do it.

Model Amber Rose who was on Team Kim, told The Daily Beast:

They come at me and Kim so hard because I was a stripper and she had a sex tape. So if we could sing, it would be OK if we were on stage half-naked. We all love Beyoncé, but she’s on stage half-naked and twerking all the time, yet people say, oh, she has talent so she’s able to do that. We don’t have the talent that Beyoncé has, so we get criticized as former sex workers, but at the end of the day we’re just women—we’re all women—and we should all embrace each other. No one is greater.

However, Kardashian's critics feel otherwise.

In a piece for the Daily Mail in March, journalist Piers Morgan wrote a piece titled 'You've still got a great body Kim, but if you’re really so successful, so secure and so rich why do you still feel the need to pose nude at 35?'

"When she first broke the internet in 2014 by baring her champagne-dangling derriere for PAPER magazine, I defended her amid the inevitable ‘slut-shaming’ onslaught which instantly erupted," he wrote.

However, he also received criticism for suggesting that maybe it was time for “Kim (to) consider the unthinkable and put her clothes back on," suggesting that she could be a more powerful role model to her own daughter” if she stopped “flashing naked flesh in tweets to the gawping, salivating world.”

In a piece for The Independent, Holly Baxter asks if naked selfies can ever exist objectively? Or if they must always be proof of liberation, or empowering, or bad for feminism, or a threat to the goals of young girls?

Talking about why Kim does what she does, she writes:

For Kardashian, unabashed sexuality is the theme. This is a woman who has made her bum an instantly recognisable feature in its own right; I can confidently say that I could pick that woman’s glorious backside out of a line-up. Her nipples covered with tape pre-catwalk, her bum squeezed into latex with Kanye’s hand resting on top, her completely nude pregnant body under muted lighting – it’s all there for the viewing. She’s served it up exactly as she wants you to consume it.

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