With the freshly raised funds, Kinsane plans to launch over 8 new shows and 100 games featuring 30 new characters over the next 12 months.

Kids entertainment startup Kinsane raises 25 million angel funding
Atom Fund Raising Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 14:06

Kinsane Entertainment Inc, a global digital entertainment company, co-founded by Kurt Inderbitzin, Indrani Pillai and Saahil Bhargava has raised $2.5 million from angel investors.

Backed by angel investor by Neeraj Bhargava and other investors, Kinsane is a ‘digital first’ company that creates fun and captivating content for kids aged 2-11 years in numerous languages, then distributes that content globally through a variety of advertising, subscription and transaction-based revenue models.

With the freshly raised funds, Kinsane plans to launch over 8 new shows and 100 games featuring 30 new and compelling characters over the next 12 months.

Kurt Inderbitzin, Co-Founder, and CEO, Kinsane Entertainment Inc., said “Kinsane aims to be your child’s best friend. We create content featuring characters that live and breathe and have personalities as rich and diverse as the very kids who are watching them. Kids can view these amazing characters, laugh and sing with them and even interact with them in games, live action, and animated shows, augmented reality and audio books.”

Kinsane’s strategy is to create a wide variety of videos and games featuring endearing and original characters that become global, iconic brands.  The goal is to take these brands, established in the digital space, and propagate them further through non-digital channels such as film, television, concerts and merchandising.  The core target markets for this content are the US, Europe, India, Brazil, and China. 

 “We are seeing major disruptions globally in the digital media space. Television viewing is gradually declining and content consumption is being revolutionized. According to a parent survey conducted by DHX/IPSOS, 72% of kids across U.S, U.K, and Canada watch content on streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. The digitization of content has made content consumption global and omnipresent. The next leader in content will almost certainly be born digital and Kinsane aspires to be the gamechanger in the kids’ content space,” Kinsane’s Chief Mentor, Neeraj Bhargava said.