Khushboo apologises for her insensitive remark against Congress

The leader said she used the incorrect phrases in haste, deep distress and anguish.
Khusbhoo Sundar
Khusbhoo Sundar
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BJP leader Khushboo Sundar has apologised for her insensitive remark calling the Congress as a party with "mentally retarded" people. The comment she made on Tuesday promptly received flak from people of disability groups who decided to register police complaints against her.

The actor-turned-politician shifted to BJP from the Congress party on Monday. The actor in a statement on Wednesday said, "I’m terribly sorry for the incorrect use of a couple of phrases in a moment of hastiness, deep distress and anguish. Being a self-made woman, the insinuation that I was being directed and influenced by significant others in my decisions was both objectionable and misogynistic."

She said she has struggled with mental health concerns among her own family members and friends who are capable and dynamic leaders living with bipolar disorder and depression.

"For their friendship and wisdom, I’m richer! Not just am I sensitive to diversity amongst people, but value it and have gained hugely from it, “she said.

The leader also said that she realised from the past that many leaders have made similar references but she will not repeat them. "As much as I am disappointed by the inadvertent distress that I have caused many, equally I am now determined to ensure that I do not repeat this ever, whatever the motivation,” she said.

The leader added that she has dedicated herself to amplify the voice of people with psychosocial disability.

The Tamil Nadu Association for the Rights of all types of Differently-abled and Caregivers Namburajan on Wednesday gave an online complaint against the actor and urged the police to register a case under Section 92(a) of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act and other provisions of IPC.

On Tuesday, Khushboo mentioned the term ‘mentally retarded’ after a question by the reporters quoting TNCC president KS Alagiri's statement that she was brainwashed by her husband. The TNCC president said that Khushboo was brainwashed by her husband to join the BJP. The TNCC president also said that the party considered her as an actor and never as a party leader.

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