Health Minister KK Shailaja also offered Sajna financial assistance through the Kerala Social Security Mission, V Care Scheme.

Sajna shaji crying in a video
news Charity Sunday, October 18, 2020 - 16:52

A Kochi-based trans woman, Sajna Shaji, who was harassed for selling biryani last week, received a lot of support after she posted a video seeking help. She is now all set to open a restaurant after she received immense support. Sajna had started a wayside biryani business a few months ago to survive. She would cook at home and in a vehicle, on the road side would sell the packed biryani and meals for a living.

Malayalam actor Jayasurya offered to help her set up a restaurant. A Malappuram based social worker Nasar Manu has offered to build a house for her. Also actor Santosh Keezhattoor joined her to sell biryani on October 15 to support her in the initiative.

"We have spoken to Jayasurya and he has offered to help me get a restaurant. Now we are searching for a location. In Kochi, we had anticipated that it would be very expensive. However, I will find a place soon. Nasar Manu from Malappuram has also offered to get us a house. We are happy that we got a lot of support," Sajna told TNM.

Last week she had posted a video showing that most of her packed food went to waste as nobody bought it. She said that some of the neighbouring shopkeepers had harassed her for many days. Some of them even turned away her customers saying that the quality of her food is low. In the video she also said that she was also beaten up by some of them.

In the video, an emotional Sajna showed the wasted food, saying that even the police did not help her.

However, after the post went viral, Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja offered her help and spoke to Sajna over the phone. She also offered financial assistance through the Kerala Social Security Mission, V Care Scheme.

Some celebrities including Fahadh Faasil shared Sajna’s video.