A chemical analysis report on three-year-old Prithviraj’s death was released on Friday.

Kerala toddler who swallowed coins may have died due to severe pneumonia Report
news Death Saturday, August 22, 2020 - 09:13

Three-year-old Prithviraj from Aluva in Kerala, who died after swallowing a coin, may have passed away due to severe pneumonia and not because he choked on the coin. A chemical analysis report on his death was released on Friday.

The report has been handed over to the police surgeon, and indicates that there is no shortfall in the treatment given to the child. An earlier autopsy report also reveals that the coins that the three-year-old has swallowed had safely passed into the large intestine without any pus or injuries in the digestive tract following the passage of the coins. Moreover, the toddler’s lungs were found to be severely affected by pneumonia.

Three-year-old Prithviraj was receiving treatment for pneumonia at the Ernakulam Medical College hospital for a week back in August 2019. In February 2020, he was taken to a private hospital. According to the earlier chemical analysis report, the baby had suffered breathlessness in cold weather and also had low blood oxygen levels.

According to the autopsy, Prithviraj had swallowed two coins — a fifty paisa and a one rupee coin. His parents allege that the baby was denied treatment at three different government hospitals fearing COVID-19, which led to his death.

The baby’s internal organs were sent to the Regional Examiner's Laboratory in Kakkanad for a chemical examination following his death. The superintendent of the Alappuzha MCH has also told TNM that the treatment advice to the child had been as per procedure. Doctors had told that the coins would come out through ejection instead of retrieving them through surgery.

The baby was taken to three hospitals - Aluva Taluk hospital, Ernakulam General hospital, Alappuzha Medical College for treatment. However the baby’s parents have alleged that in all these hospitals they were asked to feed bananas and water to the child to get the coins out.

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