On Monday, after hours of interrogation, main accused Sooraj’s father Surendran was arrested for his role in the crime.

Uthra and Sooraj standing togetherUthra and Sooraj
news Crime Tuesday, June 02, 2020 - 09:51

Surendran, the father of Sooraj, who is the main accused in the Uthra case, was arrested on Monday. Uthra was murdered after an Indian Cobra, a venomous snake, was used to bite her. According to the investigating officials, her husband Sooraj has confessed to having used the snake to kill her, on Thursday.

On Monday, after hours of interrogation, Sooraj’s father Surendran was arrested for his role in the crime. Crime branch Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) A Asokan told the media that nearly 38 sovereigns of gold was found buried in the premises of Sooraj’s family house in Adoor, Pathanamthitta district. The police will next check Uthra’s bank locker to see if it was her gold that was taken and buried outside the house.

Uthra was found dead in her parents’ house in Anchal, Kollam, on May 7. Sooraj, her husband, was arrested, based on the complaint of Uthra’s parents. Sooraj confessed that he gave sleeping pills to Uthra before using the snake to murder her, the police said.

The couple’s one-year-old child was handed over to Uthra’s parents after an order by the Child Welfare Committee, last Tuesday.

DySP Ashokan earlier told TNM that Sooraj confessed that he sedated his wife and it can be proven once the police get the results of the chemical report.

This was allegedly Sooraj's second attempt to kill Uthra using a snake. In March this year, Sooraj allegedly used a viper snake to bite her. Uthra, who was treated for the snake bite then, went to her parents’ house to recover. Earlier, Uthra had found another snake at Sooraj’s house while she was living there, which he allegedly picked up and disposed of outside the house.

Sooraj bought his venomous snakes from Suresh, a snake enthusiast, who has also been arrested in the case. DySP Ashokan said that the two had met on March 24 and Sooraj exchanged his viper for the Indian Cobra.

The couple had marital issues and Uthra was allegedly harassed for dowry.

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