Kerala sees spike in leptospirosis cases after floods, 3 deaths in August

Around 90 confirmed leptospirosis cases have been reported in the state this month.
Kerala sees spike in leptospirosis cases after floods, 3 deaths in August
Kerala sees spike in leptospirosis cases after floods, 3 deaths in August
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The increase in the number of leptospirosis cases reported in Kerala after the extreme rains, floods and landslides has caused major concern. In August alone, three people have died due to leptospirosis and about 90 confirmed cases have been reported from across the state.

The death of Kozhikode native, 32-year-old Noushad on Sunday is the latest case, reports Manorama News.  

Leptospirosis or ‘rat fever,’ is a zoonotic infection that is spread to humans through animals, is caused by the bacteria leptospira. It is transmitted through direct contact with body fluids, usually the urine, of an infected animal, or through contact with soil or water which has been contaminated with infected urine. When a person with wound comes in contact with contaminated water, the bacteria is likely to enter the body through it.

The most common symptoms are fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, muscle pain, and excessive tiredness.

In the wake of recent floods and landslides in the state, the health department had given out warnings against the spread of infections. According to the Manorama report, about 182 people in the state are suspected to be infected with rat fever.

The health department has given special instructions to those engaged in cleaning activities after the floods, to be more careful as they are very likely to come in contact with water infected with the rat urine.

The department had particularly emphasised spread of rat fever and had started doxycycline drive in flood hit districts to prevent the spread of the disease. It has been advised that those who come in contact with flood water should take doxycycline tablets as prescribed by the health department officials.

Fungal infections including invasive infection were reported at relief camps in the state and health department had also issued caution against it.

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