The duo, who are in a critical condition, also fed poison to the woman’s two-year-old child Jovana, who died on the way to the hospital.

Kerala resort murder Accused couple flee to Mumbai attempt to poison selves in hotel
news Crime Sunday, November 10, 2019 - 14:40

On November 7, the Kerala police unearthed the half-burnt body of 32-year-old Mullor Rijosh from a pit at the Mushroom Hut farmhouse resort in Santhanpara, Idukki. Three days later, the prime accused in the case, K Waseem, along with Rijosh’s wife Liji, consumed poison after fleeing to Mumbai. They also fed poison to Liji’s two-year-old daughter Jovana. Waseem and Liji were allegedly having an extramarital affair.

Jovana died on the way to the hospital. Both Waseem and Liji are in a serious condition and undergoing treatment at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital, according to the Santhanpara police.

Sometime around 11 am on Saturday, Waseem and Liji consumed poison and fed poison to Jovana while staying at the Panvel Hotel in Navi Mumbai, police said. Hotel staff found the three unconscious around noon. Panvel police have booked a case of murder for the death of Jovana, and a postmorten is expected to be conducted on Sunday.

Rijosh and Liji had been working at the Mushroom Hut farmhouse resort since 2018. Waseem had worked as a manager at the same report. While Rijosh oversaw maintenance of the farm and its animals, Liji managed the housework. According to the police, Liji and Waseem were having an affair.

On October 31, Rijosh went missing from the farm and his relatives filed a missing person’s complaint on November 1. But on November 4, Liji’s relatives filed a complaint with the Santhanpara police when she and Jovana went missing as well. On the same day, police discovered that Waseem had also gone missing from the farm.

A week after Rijosh went missing, police found his body in a pit near the resort on November 7. The charred, decomposing body had only been partially buried. Investigations revealed that on November 2 Waseem had directed the driver of an earthmover to cover up the pit. He allegedly told the driver that the body of a dead cow was in the pit.

Waseem’s brother K Fahad Abdul was taken into custody for allegedly attempting to help his brother escape and also for attempting to mislead the police.

However, on November 8, Waseem allegedly sent a video to the police claiming that his brother was innocent and that he alone had committed the crime. Police arrested Abdul on November 9 for his alleged involvement in the case.

Rijosh’s post-mortem revealed that the 31-year-old had been sedated and later strangled to death between October 30 and 31. The accused had also allegedly attempted to burn his body.

Waseem and Liji were allegedly aware that a five-member special team from the Kerala police were hot on their trail. Police reportedly reached Mumbai at 2 pm on November 9, but the duo had attempted suicide three hours earlier.

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