Kerala rains: Ten shutters of Mullaperiyar dam opened

State Revenue Minister K Rajan made it clear that the opening of the dam’s shutters will not lead to a flood-like situation as the water is being released gradually.
Shutters of Mullapperiyar dam in Kerala being opened
Shutters of Mullapperiyar dam in Kerala being opened
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In view of the rising water level in Kerala’s Mullaperiyar dam due to heavy rains, ten of its shutters were opened by 5 pm on Friday, August 5, and water was released gradually. Each of the shutters was opened 30 cm at three different times, releasing a total of 1,876 cusecs of water. The last time the dam was opened was in October 2021. Idukki District Collector Sheeba George has urged people living on both shores of the Periyar river to be on alert.

Tamil Nadu released water by lifting three shutters at 1 pm, three more at 3 pm and four at 5 pm. “Tamil Nadu has informed us (Kerala) that given that the water flow of the Mullaperiyar dam is reaching the rule curve and shutters will be opened 30 centimeters each and 534 cusecs of water will be released. Kerala had written to the Water Resources Minister of Tamil Nadu that the water level was reaching 136 feet. We asked TN to take more water considering the situation. We had also asked TN to intimate us 24  hours prior to releasing the water and also to avoid the situation of releasing more water during the night,” Kerala Water Resources Minister Roshy Augustine told the media on Friday morning. The rule curve in a dam decides the fluctuating storage levels in a reservoir.

“TN has informed us that 1,000 cusecs can be released after two hours of initially releasing the water. If more water needs to be released, it will be done after discussion with the state,” he added. As per the latest on Friday, the water level stood at 137.55 ft.

Meanwhile, Revenue Minister K Rajan said that opening the dam’s shutters will not cause floods as the water is being released gradually. “Shutters will be opened only as per the set procedures. Those who carry out fake propaganda (about flooding) will be booked,” the Minister told the media in Kozhikode.

The dam shutters were opened owing to the heavy rains witnessed by the state for the past couple of days. However, the rain receded in several parts of the state on Friday.

The Mullaperiyar dam is located on the Periyar river in Kerala’s Idukki district. A masonry gravity dam, it was built between 1887 and 1895. It is owned, operated and maintained by Tamil Nadu.

Watch TNM’s video on the Mullaperiyar dam conflict:

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