The video messages have been prepared in English, Hindi and Bengali.

Kerala police launch WhatsApp video campaign over false rumours say migrant workers are safe
news News Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 10:10

After around 400 migrant workers fled from Kozhikode amid fears over fake audio clips that spread saying they were being lynched in the state, Kerala police have launched video messages to counter the false propaganda.

A fake audio clip on WhatsApp, which said that a Bengali worker was beaten by a hotel owner in Sweet Meat Street in Kozhikode and later put to death by hanging, had created a stir among the migrant labourers in the state.

To counter it, Kerala police have prepared a series of videos in Hindi and Bengali, where state police chief Loknath Behera conveys the message that all migrant labourers are safe in the state and they would be given adequate police protection if required. 

The videos have also been shared in all the social media platforms.

“I wanted to tell you that Kerala is a beautiful state. You can and you should peacefully stay here. There is no problem here. It is secure here. Both you and Keralites are secure here. Keralites like you. I am also not from Kerala but I have experienced their love. You won’t see such a place that you can work here for years and no issues had happened yet. You have government and police with you. You have everyone here with you. If you have fear, please approach the nearby police station. They will do the needful. Or else you can also contact me. Once again I will tell that there is no problem here. You and your family can peacefully stay here,” Loknath Behera says in the video.

The video in English, Hindi and Bengali, was also played on many news channels. 

The police chief has asked the workers to delete the fake video clip if it is received on their phones.