Kollam Superintendent of Police told TNM that he has ordered an enquiry report and that action will be taken after that.

An elderly man is being manhandled by a policeman as another police man can be seen behind him and the police jeep as well. It is the roadside.
news Police Wednesday, October 07, 2020 - 19:11

A video of an elderly man being hit by a police official in the Chadayamangalam circle of Kollam, Kerala, has been going viral. The man was reportedly hit by a probation Sub Inspector of Police for not wearing a helmet.

Kollam Superintendent of Police told TNM that on seeing the visuals, he has ordered an enquiry report and that action will be taken after that.  

In the video, two police officials can be seen questioning two men who had been riding a bike, for not wearing helmets. The younger of the two men is inside the police jeep while the older man is seen speaking to the police. The younger man says he has given the ‘papers’ of the vehicle. One of the policemen asks where his license is. He then says that there is “no license, no helmet,” and asks the older man also to enter the jeep. When he doesn’t, the other policeman moves towards him and forcefully pulls him towards the jeep. The elderly man can be heard saying, “Sir, one thing,” after which the police official slaps him on the face, pulls his legs up and shoves him inside the jeep.

The elderly man then begins to shout that he wants to be taken to the hospital. He cries aloud and gets out of the jeep.

A report by 24 News said that the police had demanded a fine when the two men on the motorcycle were caught without helmets. However, they didn’t have enough money with them and said they would pay it in court. The police then asked for their mobile phone after which the commotion took place.

Last week, the state government had asked District Collectors to impose section 144 of the CrPC to prevent public gatherings of more than five people. This was in light of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the state. On Tuesday, 845 people in Kollam were newly reported to have contracted the disease. 

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