The PFI says it keeps telling its members that joining such extremist groups is against its beliefs and principles.

Kerala PFI says its shocked by news of its cadres joining ISIS
news News Tuesday, January 09, 2018 - 09:20

 The Popular Front of India in Kerala has expressed shock and concern on learning that members of its group has joined Islamic State, a terrorist organization, in the past years. In an internal circular distributed on November 30th, 2017, days after media reports broke out on the same, the PFI claims that it has been unaware of these developments.

The circular states that such activities have happened in violation of their beliefs and teachings.

The circular read, "Though the number is not very significant this happened in violation of our organizational teachings and it is a matter of serious concern,” reports TOI.

The circular was issued by the national chairman of the PFI, E Aboobacker, asking the members to discuss the issue during the meetings. 

On September 11, 2014, another circular had been distributed among the PFI cadres speaking of the activities of the PFI.

E Aboobacker recalls, "Popular Front is an organization that identified the dangers inherent in IS in the early stage itself when news about the same started appearing in the media. Since then our organization has been instructing our members and the masses about the anti-religious and anti-national nature of IS."

Aboobacker also said that PFI has warned their members of IS activities and asked them to be alert to avoid falling prey of the extremist group.

“Members must be extremely cautious about the mysterious groups, their brainwashing efforts and their attempts of infiltration and precaution have to be taken during social media interventions,” said Aboobacker.

The circular in 2014 had also clarified that the state leadership of PFI must be alerted without much delay if a member is found guilty of such activities that are against the principles of PFI.

The new circular was distributed after reports surfaced that at least 15 former members of PFI has joined IS in the past years.