Kerala Minister makes ‘offensive’ remarks in baby missing case: Parents file complaint

Minister Saji Cherian had insinuated that Ajith had ‘multiple affairs’ before his marriage to Anupama, a claim that has been dismissed by the couple.
Kerala Cultural Minister Saji Cherian
Kerala Cultural Minister Saji Cherian
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22-year-old Anupama, who has been fighting to get back her child that was given up for adoption, and her partner Ajith have filed a police complaint against Kerala Fisheries Minister Saji Cheriyan for his ‘offensive’ remarks about her and Ajith. The complaint has been filed at the Peroorkkada police station in Thiruvananthapuram over the Minister’s remarks insinuating that Ajith had “multiple affairs.”

At a function held in Kerala University campus in Karyavattom on Friday, the minister had claimed, "A person who is married, has two or three children, falls in love with his friend's wife again, and then on top of that, he again falls in love with another young girl, gets a child with that girl and the girl's father goes to jail. I don't want to criticise anyone. We are not against the argument that the girl should get back her child," the minister had said.

"But we should also think about that father. I have three children, that is why I say this. She (Anupama) was given education and she diverged (from her aim). How much her parents might have dreamt about her future? Where did she go? She went with a person who is twice her age. Also who is twice married," he added. Earlier, Ajith's first wife Nasiya had accused him of cheating on her. 

Speaking to TNM, Anupama said that they decided to file a complaint as such a statement came from a Minister in the state. "Many others had been spreading rumours earlier too, but we were not bothered. But when this comes from a minister, it becomes serious," she said.

She also said that whatever the minister said was false. " Ajith doesn't have any children. He was not married twice, before he met me. This is his second marriage with me. Also he did not get married to his friend's wife, the woman had already separated from her husband," Anupama said, dismissing the Minister’s allegations.

The couple will be filing a complaint in Sreekaryam police station as well, as the minister made the controversial remarks at the Karyavattom campus, which falls under this police station limits.

On November 1, Thiruvananthapuram district court is scheduled to hear the proceedings in the case where Anupama's baby was given up for adoption without her permission.  

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