Kerala Literacy Mission to go online

Those who do not have the facilities to attend online classes may seek the help of the local self governing bodies.
Literacy Mission exam
Literacy Mission exam
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Kerala's Literacy Mission project is going online with digital classrooms planned for those who wish to continue their education through equivalency programmes. The plan is to start digital classrooms in every region including tribal colonies, at a time the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates physical distancing.

Online classes will begin in the first phase, and data is being collected to understand which of the students have computers, tablets or smart phones that will help them connect to the internet. Those who do not have the facilities to attend online classes may seek the help of the local self governing bodies.

The classes held under the Literacy Mission will be developed for the online education system. This will include literacy classes, equivalency classes, social literary programmes and so on. Health, environment, constitution, gender equality and other social literacy programmes will be developed through e-learning.

Work has started for understanding the possibilities of developing the continuing education programmes of the Mission through e-learning, and form a public opinion for it. Expert opinions are also being sought for this.

Work is also on to begin digital classrooms in Adivasi colonies. The aim is to turn every tribal hamlet and colony into smart hamlets and colonies.

Publishing of course materials will be done online and a Youtube channel would be launched too.

Special projects are being planned to start online education and social literacy programmes for Adivasi people, Scheduled Caste people, coastal colonies, trangender people, migrant labourers and others. Literacy Mission director Dr PS Sreekala said that there would be surveys to understand the digital possibilities in marginalised sectors. Educated young people in the marginalised sectors would be given training to be regional coordinators for the programme. Online classrooms and special education centers would be started through them. Dr Sreekala also said that a special syllabus and study material would be prepared for these classes.


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