news Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 05:30
    Former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam, who passed away on Monday, reportedly did not want a holiday to be declared on his death.    "Don't declare a holiday on my death; instead work an extra day. This was his message," Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said on Tuesday, paying his tributes to Kalam at the state secretariat in Hyderabad.   In deference to Kalam's wish, political leaders of different hues - as also the common people - worked through the day and paid their tributes by even working extra hours.   Now the State Women's Development Corporation (KSWDC) in Kerala has decided to work on Sunday as a mark of respect to Kalam, the corporation said on Tuesday.     "After discussing with our employees, we have decided to honour the former president's wish. We have decided to work on Sunday, August 2. All our offices in the state will work on Sunday," chairperson P Khulsu said in a statement.   Kalam died in Shillong after he suffered cardiac arrest while delivering a lecture at IIM-Shillong.   With inputs from IANS