Kerala college students take ailing man on road to hospital, lauded by social media

Vinitha Mohan, a teacher at NSS college took to Facebook to share that her students had helped an ailing man on the road, when others refused to do so.
Kerala college students take ailing man on road to hospital, lauded by social media
Kerala college students take ailing man on road to hospital, lauded by social media
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Four girl students hover over an old man on a footpath by a busy road in Kerala. The old man, seated on a chair, breathes heavily and one of the girls gives him water to drink from her bottle. Seeing that the man was profusely sweating, another girl quickly digs into her bag to take out a book and proceed to fan him. Yet another girl rubs the man on this chest, seemingly in an attempt to soothe his pain. 

A young man who stands next to the girls is seen making several calls on his mobile phone. 

The four girls are seen speaking to passersby and when the 3-minute CCTV footage ends, a bystander points to the road and the ailing man slowly walks out of the frame. 

The incident is reportedly from Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram, when four college-going students took an ailing man to the hospital, even as others reportedly refused to do so.

While the CCTV footage does not show what happened to the old man after he walked out of the frame, a Facebook post by a teacher from the girls' college narrates how her students rose to the occasion to help a man in need. 

According to a Facebook post by Vinitha Mohan, an Assistant Professor at NSS College for Women in Niramankara, the four girl students were on their way back from college to their homes, when they happened to see the ailing man. 

"My students were waiting to catch a bus to get back home, when they saw a man collapse on the road. They called up an ambulance and when other people were not willing to accompany the man to the hospital in the ambulance, they voluntarily took the man to the hospital. Unfortunately, he did not survive; he had suffered a heart attack," Vinitha wrote in Malayalam. 

She said that the incident had happened last Friday at around 5 pm. 

"The man did not survive, but I am happy to see my students' selfless act. I am proud of them...Deepika, Keerthy, Jyotsna, Sreelakshmi. I came to know of this today (July 11) and when I called them at 8 pm, two of the girls hadn't even reached home, they were still in the bus. Two girls, who had to travel quite far to reach the homes," Vinitha wrote. 

The post from Wednesday has received more than 950 shares in just two days, with congratulatory messages pouring in for the four girl students.

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