According to witnesses, Rashid was run over by a lorry after he fell from his bike during a vehicle check.

Kerala biker dies due to vehicle check in accident prone area citizens blame cops
news Accident Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 19:46

In a tragic accident in Kerala, a 45-year old man was killed on Tuesday due to a poorly-located vehicle check in Kollam. The incident happened in Punthala Thazhathu junction - an accident-prone area, which comes under the Eravipuram Police station in the district. The road here stretches downhill, making it difficult for bikers and car drivers to see what lies ahead of them a short distance away. Despite being a risky stretch, the police here conduct vehicle checks on a daily basis, according to protesting citizens.

On Tuesday, Rashid (45) fell from his bike and died after braking suddenly on noticing the vehicle check. “I was right behind him. The police waved their hands right in front of him and he braked instantly, flying off the vehicle due to the impact. From behind him, a tipper lorry ran over his head and killed him on the spot,” one of the witnesses explained in a video put up on social media.

Following the incident, several people got down from their bikes and cars and surrounded the police to protest against their callousness.

“You could see his brain splattered on the road. Even after this, the police, instead of calling an ambulance, were expecting us to take the body to the hospital,” the protesting man alleged.

When TNM contacted the Eravipuram police station, an officer stated that the accident was just a ‘routine’ one that takes place frequently in the junction.

“It was coincidental that the vehicle check too was happening in the same place at the same time,” the officer added. Contrary to protestors accounts, police added that vehicle checks on the junction do not happen frequently.

“Whenever there is over speeding we go and conduct vehicle checks there. It doesn’t happen all the time as we have other duties to attend to as well,” the officers added.

The deceased biker’s body was sent for post mortem to the district medical college, police added.