Poverty is created by society and one who steals food shouldn’t be termed a thief, said actor Mammootty.

Kerala adivasi man killing Actor Mammootty writer KR Meera condemn incident
news #JusticeforMadhu Friday, February 23, 2018 - 16:33

The brutal killing of a tribal man from Kerala’s Attappadi has sent shock waves across the state. Even as outrage against the accused, who allegedly manhandled Madhu after accusing him of theft, grows, the arrest of two men has done little to lessen public anger.

Kerala’s Chief Minister and other political leaders have already condemned the lynching. With each passing hour, the chorus condemning Madhu’s killing is growing louder.

Now, leading Malayalam actor Mammootty has taken to social media to condemn the incident. In a Facebook post on Friday, Mammootty referred to Madhu as his brother. 

“I will not call him adivasi, but my brother. The mob has killed my younger brother. If you think as a human being, Madhu is your son and brother. Above that, he is a citizen like any of us, who has his rights. One who steals food to feed his hunger shouldn’t be called a thief; poverty is created by society,” Mammootty wrote in Malayalam.

Mammootty wrote that our justice system, which unfairly elevated the mob to implement law and order, was responsible for Madhu’s death.

“Whatever reason it may be, it is just not acceptable for a human being to see human beings attacking one of their own. Madhu...apologies,” Mammootty wrote, sharing a photograph of Madhu after he was tied up.

Author KR Meera came down heavily on the attackers, sharing a poem that she penned on the incident.

In a tone of sarcasm, Meera wrote: 

“Next time, ensure that you take more people along, burst crackers outside the cave and threaten him. And when he comes out all frightened, catch him with a trap. Tie him upside down, collect water in a big vessel and light fire to it. From the carry bag, take the rice and boil it. Light the beedis and wait.”

Through her post, Meera shared how people tend to treat the underprivileged differently.

Madhu was accused of stealing rice and other provisions; in a video that is being shared widely on social media, two men can be seen examining a carry bag that has the items Madhu allegedly stole.

Actor Joy Mathew also took to Facebook to condemn Madhu’s killing, saying that the state of Kerala must hang its head in shame.

“They beat him to death, accusing him of robbing a shop for items worth Rs 200. Since Madhu is not part of any political party, there will be no one to fight for him. But we should all feel ashamed thinking about that Malayali who took a selfie and celebrated, just moments before Madhu was beaten to death,” Joy wrote.

Sharing a news item of Madhu’s killing on Twitter, author Anand Ranganathan wondered why there was no prime time media coverage on the incident, despite the brutal nature of the crime.

Actor Tovino Thomas too shared his angst over Madhu's death through a Facebook post. Saying that justice is not served equally to everyone in society, Tovino wrote in Malayalam:

"Here, a person who stole food because he couldn't bear his hunger is a criminal. People who steal lakhs of rupees walk free. There seem to be so many people here who want to ensure law and order when it comes to poor, impoverished people who have no power. When those who have all of this steal lakhs, nobody questions them."

He also urged people not to politicise the incident.

"Nobody is perfect. You, me, government, religion, all the parties...This society will not do well unless and until we realise that humanity is above everything else. Like Sri Markandey Katju said, this will end in a revolution!" he wrote.

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