The rogue engine was supposed to take the Chennai-Mumbai Mail (11028) from Wadi Junction at 3 pm.

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news Train Thursday, November 09, 2017 - 10:02

A loco pilot at Wadi Junction in Kalaburgi recreated scenes from the Hollywood action film 'Ăšnstoppable' as he chased a driverless engine on a bike and stopped it. 

The rogue engine was supposed to take the Chennai-Mumbai Mail (11028) from Wadi Junction at 3 pm.

The journey from the junction to Mumbai is part of the non-electrified section of the track ( from Wadi to Solapur) and it is at this point that the electric engine is swapped for the diesel engine.

At 3.30 pm, the loco pilot detached the electric engine and was engaged in switching to the diesel engine when, to his horror, the diesel engine began moving in the opposite direction (towards Nalwar) on its own without a pilot, reported The Hindu.

The aghast loco pilot could only look on as the engine left the station. 

Wadi station authorities swung into action, immediately informing authorities in the next few stations to clear the signals and tracks and stop trains coming from the opposite direction.

With the engine cruising along at 30 kmph, Wadi station manager JN Paaris and the loco pilot set off on a bike chasing the engine.

The chase ended at around 3.50pm when the duo caught up with the engine and the loco pilot, donning the role of Denzel Washington from the action caper, clambered on to the moving engine and managed to stop it.

While the incident had a happy ending just like the film, that such an incident could occur is a serious matter for concern. Officials have remained tightlipped about how a rail engine could suddenly start moving on its own. However, Paaris said that the engine could have caused a major accident if it had run into a train coming from the opposite direction, reported Times of India.

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