According to NCRB data released on Thursday, Karnataka recorded 4,455 cases of crimes against children in 2016.

Karnataka tops in crimes against children in south India UP fares worst in country
news Friday, December 01, 2017 - 07:47

The latest National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB) data for 2016 released on Thursday reveals that in South India, Karnataka tops in the number of crimes against children with 4,455 recorded cases. It is at rank 7 among all states and union territories. 

Kerala comes next with 2,879 cases and is at rank 14 overall. Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, closely follow at 15, 16 and 17 respectively. 

Tamil Nadu recorded 2,856 cases, while Telangana and Andhra Pradesh recorded 2,909 and 1,847 cases respectively. 

The northern state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) recorded the maximum number of crimes against children in the year 2016.

According to the data, UP recorded 16,079 cases, among the total 1,06,958 cases recorded across the country. This is a drastic jump from its own earlier figures 14,835 (in 2015) and 11,420 (in 2015).

UP is followed by Maharashtra which recorded 14,559 cases and Madhya Pradesh, with 13,746 cases. Close on their heels is the Union Territory of Delhi with 8,178 cases. 

POCSO cases

A total of 1,06,958 cases were registered under POCSO. Of this, 1,799 cases occurred in the UTs.

Even in POCSO cases, Uttar Pradesh tops, with 4,954 incidences. UP is closely followed by Maharashtra at 4,815 and Madhya Pradesh at 4,717. This is followed by Odisha at 1,928 and Delhi at 1,620. 

Coming to the South, Kerala tops in cases registered under POCSO with 1,848  cases, followed by Karnataka at 1,565, Tamil Nadu 1,583 and Telangana 1,158. Among the south-Indian states, Andhra Pradesh recorded the least number of POCSO cases, at 830. 

Under the POCSO Act, Jharkhand recorded 19 cases under Section 14, 15- use of children for pornography/storing child pornography material. One case each was registered in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Mizoram and Odisha. 

Tamil Nadu follows Jharkhand with nine cases. Kerala comes next with four cases and Karnataka and Rajasthan with three cases each, and UP and West Bengal with two cases each. 

Crimes against children in Metropolitan cities

In this category, Delhi tops the list with 7,392 cases, followed by Mumbai at 3,400 and Bengaluru at 1,333. 

Chennai is at 14th position with 230 cases and Hyderabad at rank 11 with 410 cases. Coimbatore and Kochi are the metropolitan cities that recorded the lowest number of crimes against children, with 69 and 86 cases respectively. While Kochi is at 18th position, Coimbatore stands at 19. 


In terms of murder cases, UP tops again with 506 incidences, followed by Maharashtra at 162 and MP 126. In the south, Tamil Nadu tops the list with 87 incidents, followed by Karnataka with 84 cases and AP with 54 cases. 

While Telangana recorded 48 incidents, Kerala had 33 cases. 

Infanticide and foeticide

In the year 2016, a total of 93 cases of infanticide were recorded. UP recorded 21 cases of infanticide, while Rajasthan and MP recorded 14 cases each. 

Coming to the south, the incidences are visibly lower, with AP having 10 cases, Telangana having six cases and Karnataka and Tamil Nadu recording two cases each. Kerala did not record any case of infanticide in 2016. 

While Chattisgargh recorded one case of infanticide, it recorded 18 cases of foeticide. 

Once again, UP topped the list with an alarming 52 cases, followed by Rajasthan at 21 and Madhya Pradesh at 19. 

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