He was arrested on June 2.

Karnataka top-cop sticks to sedition charges against former policeman Shashidhar for mutiny
news Thursday, June 09, 2016 - 09:30

Though the proposed police protest to highlight pathetic working conditions on Saturday did not materialize, reports suggest that the sedition charges against former policeman V Shashidhar will stick.

The Times of India reports that Police commissioner NS Megharikh is ‘confident’ that the sedition charges against Shashidhar, president of Akhila Karnataka Police Mahasanga will stick, as “he had attempted to stir a mutiny in the police”.

“The case was filed after much work and we're ready to approach the Supreme Court to take the case to its logical end,“ Megharikh was quoted as saying.

Shashidhar, who was handed over to the Central Crime Branch on Wednesday, was arrested on June 2 for calling for a police protest on June 4.

Meanwhile, his wife Poornima Shashidhar has filed a petition in the High Court for the investigation to be handed over to the CBI, on the basis of which, notices have been issued to the government and the CBI.