Karnataka police arrest labourer who killed and raped woman in agriculture field

One month after the horrific incident of necrophilia, the police finally arrested 29-year-old Shankarappa.
Investigators pose with necrophile who killed and raped woman in Chikkaballapura
Investigators pose with necrophile who killed and raped woman in Chikkaballapura
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A horrifying case of necrophilia has come to light in Karnataka after the arrest of a construction worker by Chikkaballapura Police on Sunday. A month after a woman was murdered and raped by a necrophile, the Karnataka police finally arrested a 29-year-old man in connection with the crime. K N Shankarappa was arrested from Batlahalli village in Chikkaballapur on Sunday after the police received a tip-off about his whereabouts from locals. A native of Andhra Pradesh’s Iravarapalli, Shankarappa had come to Chikkaballpura’s Batlahalli taluk three months ago to visit his friend. 

Batlahalli Police said that Shankarappa, who suffers from alcohol addiction, had come to visit his friend and ask help to find a job. Shankarappa began working as a construction labourer at a residential construction site in Batlahalli three months ago. However, police said that he bunked work and would wander around the fields all day or would end up drinking at the local watering hole in Konapura or Batlahalli. 

On October 18, Shankarappa allegedly borrowed Rs 5,000 from his friend. He went to a local bar and got drunk. By the evening, he wandered into Konapura village. He slept there and when he woke up on the afternoon of October 19, he found that his money and mobile phone were missing. Shankarappa allegedly wandered into the village and while looking for his phone, he saw two women and a girl working in the fields. 

Shankarappa allegedly began speaking to the women and asked them about the mobile phone. The two women were wives of a Konapura resident and the girl was the victim’s step-daughter. While the girl and her mother left the fields, the 27-year-old woman was still harvesting groundnuts. She told Shankarappa to leave. 

As it started raining, the woman took shelter under a nearby tree. Shankarappa, who was watching her from the bushes, allegedly walked up to her and sexually assaulted her. When the woman resisted, he allegedly tore the shirt she was wearing and strangled her with it. He then dragged her body into the buses and allegedly raped her. 

The Batlahalli Police had procured a sketch of the accused from the second wife of the victim’s husband. The police found CCTV footage of Shankarappa at various points and even at the Konapura bus stop. After enhancing the image from CCTV footage, they showed it to the second wife of the victim’s husband once more. She allegedly recognised him as the man who had approached them that evening. 

Shankarappa was arrested near Pallavi Bar in Batlahalli on Sunday morning. Upon his arrest, Shakarappa allegedly confessed to the crime. He has been booked under Sections 302 (murder) and 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code. 

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