Karnataka minister calls Modi govt ‘dictatorial’, draws parallels to Indira regime

Pointing at Tejasvi Surya, Bangalore South MP, who was at the event, Madhuswamy urged that this matter should be taken up at the Parliament.
JC Madhuswamy mminister in Karnataka calls Modi govt dictatorial
JC Madhuswamy mminister in Karnataka calls Modi govt dictatorial
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In a rare occurrence, a sitting BJP minister of a state government spoke against the “dictatorship” nature of the Narendra Modi-led Union Government and alleged that it was the reason for rise in regionalism. 

JC Madhuswamy, Minor Irrigation Minister in the BS Yediyurappa-led Karnataka government also drew parallels between the Modi government and the Indira Gandhi-led government on this aspect on Saturday. He was speaking in Mysuru at an Akhila Bharatha Sharana Sahitya Parishat seminar titled  ‘National Integration and Regional Freedom.

He said, “Policies of the central government should be such that those who have come forward must be made go further and those who are backward they must be brought on par with the rest,” speaking against NEET ( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). He argued that introduction of NEET has put states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu at a disadvantage. He asked Tejasvi Surya, MP of Bangalore South, who was also present at the event to take this matter in Parliament.

“We were wonderful in education; we are at loss (now). What NEET examination you (Tejasvi Surya as part of the ruling government at the Centre) brought as a person of this region,” he said. He continued to state that he and others leaders criticising Indira Gandhi used to speak against similar policies of that time.

“When we used to speak against Indira Gandhi, we used to say that she would stunt the growth of those who are already forward in an effort to pull up those who are backward. We used to say, she (Indira Gandhi) would demolish a bungalow to construct straw huts to run her socialism. Now what has happened, you (Surya) have encroached on state subjects, you have encroached on concurrent subjects!,” Madhuswamy charged.

“In the Centre, a dictatorship approach has started and has threatened unity. As we progressed it had to be liberalized but we see it is being centralized. What is the connection of NEET to our state? You must ask this Mr Surya. You are a parliament member. Today there are 160 super-specialty seats vacant in Karnataka.  In my opinion as a minister, being a legislator for four times, I’m telling you this. Authoritarian rule of the Government of India is the main cause of the rise in regionalism,” he said.

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