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The News Minute | August 24, 2014 | 11:12 am IST People from across the world sport weird food habits. However, this man from Karnataka, takes it up a notch. His favourite food items do not adhere to the common notion of what most humans would consider edible.  Pakkirappa Hunagundi, from a village in Karnataka, savours bricks, mud and gravel. He has absolutely no love for normal food, and does not pay any heed to his family's request for him to stop eating these for obvious health concerns.  A report uploaded by Barcoft TV on YouTube in April this year records Hunagundi's quirky love for eating bricks. He is said to be suffering from a rare eating disorder. Now 30, Hunagundi claims to have been consuming bricks since he was ten and his way of eating has become a habit now, according to Barcoft TV's report.   He also says that he eats one brick a day and up to 2 kg of mud and gravel.  Hunagundi, who works as a labourer, often performs on weekends to entertain villagers in order to earn some extra income. The report also states that he'd like to showcase his habit across India.  Watch the Barcoft TV's full report here: