Karnataka man allegedly beaten up by relatives of BJP MLA for Facebook comment

Vivek Shetty was allegedly assaulted for statements he made against the MLA’s daughter on social media.
Karnataka man allegedly beaten up by relatives of BJP MLA for Facebook comment
Karnataka man allegedly beaten up by relatives of BJP MLA for Facebook comment
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A Belagavi man has allegedly been severely assaulted by relatives of a BJP MLA from the district, over statements he made on social media.

Supporters and family members of BJP MLA Raju Kage from Kagawada constituency in Belagavi district allegedly attacked Vivek Shetty, after he allegedly insulted the MLA's daughter on Facebook.

The incident came to light after regional channels telecast CCTV footage of the attack, which occurred on January 1 at Vivek's residence in Athani.

In the footage, a group of people, including women, can be seen barging into Vivek's residence carrying sticks and other implements.

The footage then shows Vivek being dragged down the stairs of the house by the assailants, who also catch Vivek's mother by the throat when she tries to intervene.

Speaking to a television channel, Vivek said that he was operated on four days ago and had sustained a fracture to his leg and hand as a result of the assault.

Vivek accused the MLA's nephew Prasad Kage and other members of the family of barging into his house and beating him up. 

"I was wearing my shirt when the MLA's nephew, Prasad Kage came into the room. He started beating me with a stick. Then Shivagund Kage came into the room, he had a scythe in his hand. Then Gaju Kage and Shekhar Kage and the MLA's driver came into the room and started beating me. I begged them not to beat me. I thought they would kill me. Shivagund Kage told one of them to close the door and suggested that he wanted everyone to kill me inside the room. I begged them to let me see my wife and mother but they just started beating me with sticks on my stomach, arms and legs," Vivek alleged. 

"Shivagund Kage then pointed towards a doctor who was present there and said that he was a family member and even if I was killed, the doctor and also a PSI would help them cover up the crime," he alleged.

Vivek added that Shivagund Kage warned him not to enter politics or contest any polls. He went on to say that the attackers threatened him, saying that he was free to approach police or hospitals, but it will not bear any result as they all belonged to them. 

"As they were dragging me into the car, my mother tried to intervene. But she was pushed out. Then we sped away in a car and the MLA's car was right behind the one I was in. The car stopped near the godown and then Prasad Kage came in and held me by the collar and said he would kill me.”

Although the incident reportedly took place on January 1, the Athani police said that the case came to their attention only after the CCTV footage was telecast on news channels. 

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