Thursday, July 17, 2014 - 09:34

The News Minute| Bangalore| July 15, 2014|11.00 pm IST

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra obviously has a problem with black skin and Brazilians, both of whom she squarely insulted with this tweet of herself tanned on a beach. “Kaali kalooti ya brazilian beauty?? Tanned and how!! 

Translated, it means dark and ugly or Brazilian beauty?

Why blame her, she speaks for India, especially the country’s world of glamour, films and fashion where black is still shunned and all that is black and stunning comes from countries where people are generally white.

No Ms. Chopra, it’s neither Kali nor Kalooti – it’s plain stupid, arrogant and both of that in large helpings. We at The News Minute (TNM) are not going to waste our time and yours listing historical, scientific and cultural data about skin colour. Nor is it our intention to tell you what you already know – that Indians spend thousands of rupees every year trying to be pale, paler and palest in what must clearly rank as the trivial of trivial pursuits. 

We just think famous people who are also role models for millions of Indians should know the rules of the game when they play centre-court.

If Ms. Chopra had just tweeted her picture calling herself beautiful, it would have passed as par for the course. Alas, with just five words when she could have used 140 characters, Ms. Chopra has scored a magnificent auto-goal. 

Stupid, if you ask us.

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