You're better off spending your time in an ATM queue.

Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru is nothing more than a vetti boys film
Features Kollywood Friday, November 18, 2016 - 20:06

M Rajesh's "Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru" belongs to the 'vetti boys' genre of Tamil cinema that is about absolutely nothing but tries so hard for "mass" (read "male") appeal.

Having endured one too many along these lines in the recent past though, this remarkably unoriginal film is merely yawn inducing. The dialogues are so chockablock with references to other films, TV shows and actors that after a while you wonder if you're watching a movie or one of those amateur stage troupe shows.

The story is vaguely inspired by "The Hangover". Kumar (GV Prakash) is getting married to Priya (Nikki Galrani) and decides to go for a bachelors' party to Pondy, Tamil Nadu's Las Vegas, along with his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji). In the meantime, Nancy (Anandhi), Kumar's ex, tries to persuade him to give their relationship another chance.

The misadventures that follow this trip are contrived, unfunny and plain boring. GV Prakash and RJ Balaji try hard to be the "local", quick-tongued boys but their chemistry simply does not click.

The dusky, doe-eyed Anandhi of "Kayal" fame appears to have been dipped in a pot of Ujala White. Her makeup would have been distracting...but well, there's nothing in the film for us to be distracted from.

Urvashi makes an appearance as the host of a kangaroo court reality show (clearly inspired by real life), reminding us that comedy is not what you say but how you say it. The actor effortlessly invokes laughter in the few minutes she gets in the film but disappears all too soon. Prakash Raj as Manimaran, a corrupt philandering cop, is entertaining to the extent that you can take the unimaginative plot. With two uniformed sidekicks by his side, he tries to hold the film up but cannot save it.

With ordinary cinematography and music, the same-old jokes and tacky costumes, "Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru" doesn't even qualify as a popcorn watch. You're better off spending your time in an ATM queue.


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