'Kaala' teaser is here: Bad boy Rajini knocks it out of the park again

We cannot wait for April 27 already!
'Kaala' teaser is here: Bad boy Rajini knocks it out of the park again
'Kaala' teaser is here: Bad boy Rajini knocks it out of the park again
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The teaser for Rajinikanth's much awaited film Kaala may not have had the ideal release but fans will take anything that comes their way.

The teaser was released at midnight on March 2, after a scene from the film was leaked.

It opens with Nana Patekar saying, "Kaala, what sort of name is that?" Well, we ALL know what sort of name that is - one that belongs to the superstar and carries with it all the punch that's needed in the world.

Nana's question is answered by a shot of Rajinikanth holding an umbrella in the rains. With some awesome shades and a white beard. This is followed by a voice-over (Samuthirakani?) explaining what Kaala means - black, the one who fights to protect. But is everyone happy with fights?

Eswari Rao, who plays Rajini's wife in the film, is not impressed clearly! Like Kumudhavalli, who was Rajini's wife in his first film with Pa Ranjith, she appears to be an assertive woman.

Nana and Rajini have something of a standoff, with the former dressed in the white and the latter in black. Nana's character says that he wishes to clean the world, while Kaala counters him by saying that black is the colour of the workers of the world.

"Come to my chawl and see, all the dirt will look colourful to you," he shoots back.

And then there's the punch line, mixing Hindi and Tamil, the superstar snaps his fingers and throws a challenge into the air, "Kya re? Setting ah? Vengaiyin mavan, I'm standing alone, come if you have the guts!" (no, the English translation doesn't do justice to the swag).

The teaser rushes to the end with some goosebump-inducing music (by Santosh Narayan). And then Thalaivar says, "You haven't seen the full rowdyism of Karikaalan, right? You will see it!"

The teaser also has Ambedkar's famous words for Dalit emancipation - Educate, Agitate. But does not have the third word, 'Organise'. Why so? We have over a month to debate!

PHEWWW. We cannot wait for April 27 already!


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