Six members of Kumaraswamy’s family have been accused of evading property tax for 10 years, with the total outstanding amount at Rs 3.17 crore.

Ktaka CMs wife family members accused of defaulting on property tax he denies
news Politics Thursday, July 05, 2018 - 08:37

Just ahead of Karnataka’s budget day, six family members of CM HD Kumaraswamy have been accused of evading property tax for 10 years. Kumaraswamy is set to present his maiden budget in his second stint as chief minister on Thursday.

The total unpaid taxes amount to Rs 3,17,00,000, as reported by Republic TV’s Pooja Prasanna. 

According to the document accessed by Republic TV, the default amounts are split between financial years from 2008-09 till 2018-19.

However, the CM rubbished the report calling it a conspiracy.

"I'm not aware of the total station survey report. My family members are not tax defaulters, you can go check. Why are you playing false reports? Don't mislead the public. This is a conspiracy," he told Republic TV.

The six members include Anitha Kumaraswamy, wife of the CM and former MLA and Bhawani Revanna, wife of HD Revanna (brother and PWD minister). 

The other defaulters according to the report include H Kavitha (Kumaraswamy’s sister-in-law) who owes the BBMP Rs 55,00,000 and Kumaraswamy’s sister HD Shalia who has property tax dues worth Rs 55,21,000.

Anasua, another of Kumaraswamy’s sisters also owes the BBMP around Rs 55 lakh, while Bhawani Revanna owes a little less than Rs 42 lakh. According to the report, all the tax defaults are related to properties owned in RMZ Centennial in Whitefield.

Here is the full list of alleged tax defaulters:  

1) H Kavitha: Rs 55, 21,479 

2) HD Shaila: Rs 55, 21, 479 

3) Anasuya Rs 55, 21, 479

4) Bhavani Revanna: Rs 41, 79,440

5) Anitha Kumaraswamy: Rs 54, 85, 521

6) HD Ramesh: Rs 55, 21, 389

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